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Tuition Cost $ 295.00

Please register and pay in full by April 20, 2012

This includes: Approx. 1 cu. ft of Limestone, Sat. Night Cookout, 3 Lunches. Along with   3 days of inspiring instruction from 6 master carvers.

Level of Experience:        No Carving Experience ___   Beginner____

                               Intermediate____                 Advanced ____

Student Name ______________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________

City ________________________________ State _____________ Zip_________           Phone #__________________________ E-mail ___________________________

Method of Payment

___ Check (make payable to)   Southwest Stone Carving Assoc.


Mail to:           Southwest Stone Carving Association

P.O. Box 32373 

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87594

Phone: 1-877-683-3087 or   We are non-profit (501c3) and are looking for SPONORS, if interested, please call David Sadler @ 575-392-7269                       

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